Temporary closure of the clinic
17 Mar 2020

As an act of social responsibility, and in order to limit interactions and possible spread of Covid 19, the clinic will be temporary closed until Sunday 22 March 2020.

Stay safe.

Home Visit Physical Therapy sessions
06 Oct 2018

Starting October 2018, Dina Barakat Clinic is offering the service of home visit for patients referred for physical therapy and are unable to attend the clinic because of some health issues. For more details please call 01382736 - 70232050

Acupuncture and Moxibustion
30 Sep 2018

We are pleased to announce that Acupuncture and Moxibustion services are now available at our clinic.

Get the details you need and book your session by calling 01382736.

Ramadan offer for Slimming and Laser Hair Removal
10 Jun 2016

 Enjoy 40% off slimming and laser hair removal sessions during this Ramadan. Stay in shape!!

Lymphedema therapy in post breast cancer treatment.
08 Jun 2016

You already won your breast cancer battle! We are here to make sure you win this new fight... We promise to help you win this lifelong struggle and go back to the life you love.
For more info call Dina Barakat Clinic 01-382736 / 70-232050

50% OFF on Laser Hair Removal during April 2016
10 Apr 2016

Get your skin ready and smooth for the summer season! Enjoy 50% discount on the Laser Hair Removal sessions purchased during April 2016!

Breast Cancer Rehabilitation
10 Apr 2016

Patients suffering from Breast Cancer can now benefit from the Breast Cancer Rehabilitation at Dina Barakat Clinic.

Our mission is to support patients diagnosed with breast cancer to have a better quality of life during and following their cancer treatments thru rehabilitation, exercises and education.

Thru the oncology therapy, the therapist will work on the surgical and post mastectomy tissue adhesions, on the limited range of motion, the Axillary Web Syndrome, the seromas, the lymphedema, the pain and other complications due to cancer treatment.

50% OFF on laser hair removal
13 Feb 2015

Enjoy our february offer! 50 % OFF on laser hair removal sessions.

Offer valid until 28 february. Get your package now!

Pain free hair removal at Dina Barakat Clinic
06 Apr 2014

“Asclepion MeDiostar Next” the finest high power diode laser hair removal technology, is available now at Dina Barakat Clinic. Used for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and skin whitening, this technology is safe, efficient and pain free for all kinds of skin even the darker ones.

Introducing “UNA” to the clinic slimming concept
06 Apr 2014

This new machine integrates different technologies to treat all your beauty problems. Not only you will rejuvenate your skin and reshape your body, you will also lose 400 calories in just 20 minutes!

Stay in shape with our slimming package
06 Apr 2014

Our “stay in shape” offer allows you to keep your body toned and shaped. With only two sessions per month you can start the summer with confidence. The package is available for 10 months at the cost of 500 USD only.

Fat reduction
06 Apr 2014

Two sessions per week for two months will make you lose the extra fat, get rid of the cellulite and tighten your skin. The treatment is totally safe with noninvasive techniques based on high power led, radio frequency and infrared handles.

Relief offer
06 Apr 2014

For everyone who wants to improve the posture, who sits for hours behind the desk, who has a chronic musculoskeletal problem, or who simply wants to prevent all these problems, Dina Barakat Clinic offers the “Relief package” helping you get healthier. The package consists of 12 medico-relaxation sessions. With one session (or more) per month, you will be able to better face the impairing conditions of your work and avoid musculoskeletal problems in the future.

Implementing the patient satisfaction card
06 Apr 2014

In order to continuously improve our services, the patients are kindly asked to give us their feedback and comments. Your opinion is appreciated to better target your needs.

Physical therapy and osteopathy services as home visit in Lebanon and abroad
06 Apr 2014

Home visit sessions are offered to patients with difficulties to attend their sessions in the clinic. Patients with chronic diagnosis (i.e. chronic low back pain, migraine…) and having osteopathy and manual therapy treatment can benefit from our services abroad. The sessions can be done every few weeks (depending on the diagnosis).