Dr. Dina Barakat

Founder of the Clinic

Founder of the Clinic, Dina Barakat is a Doctor in Physical therapy. She is a certified Osteopath and a specialist in lymphedema therapy and breast cancer rehabilitation. She graduated from the University of Saint Joseph (Beirut) with a Bachelor degree in Physical therapy and had her master degree in manual therapy and osteopathy. She then received her lymphedema therapy certification in 2012 from Klose training in London and completed her Osteopathy Diploma in 2014. She became interested in breast cancer rehabilitation in 2015 and received the degree of Doctor in Physical Therapy in 2016. Last but not least, she is certified in perineal rehabilitation.

With extended experience in rehabilitation and wellness in KSA and Lebanon, Dina Barakat manages the clinic in Beirut and gives osteopathic consultations for VIP patients in KSA. She continuously follows medical conferences and courses in order to improve her knowledge and practice.

Rachelle Daoud

Senior physical therapist

Ms. Daoud holds a bachelor degree in Physical Therapy and has received in April 2017 her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Saint Joseph. She had trainings in several rehabilitation fields such as cardiology, neurology and pediatrics and is experienced in slimming and wellness.

Cynthia Touma

Physical Therapist

Ms. Touma holds a bachelor degree in Physical therapy from the University of Saint Joseph. She joined the clinic team in September 2016.