Dina Barakat Clinic offers the latest techniques and treatments in rehabilitation, acupuncture, nutrition and wellness.

In addition to the physical therapy and manual therapy services, we are the first clinic in Beirut to provide Breast Cancer rehabilitation and post-cancer lymphedema treatment.

Our experienced therapists will provide you one-on-one sessions and apply Evidence Based Practice to ensure you a speedy and healthy recovery.

The slimming and wellness section offers you dietetics and nutrition services in addition to a variety of fat reducing, cellulite treatment, body toning, face minilift and laser hair removal programs to help you get your ideal body.


Dina Barakat Clinic is committed to help patients live better. We are dedicated to provide personalized consultations, treatments and awareness in the domain of rehabilitation in Lebanon and abroad. Our services include: physical therapy, osteopathy, manual therapy, lymphedema therapy, breast cancer rehabilitation, plevic floor rehabilitation, acupuncture and Chinese medicine, nutrition and wellness services. Through years of expertise in the rehabilitation field, we provide our patients with the best technology and up to the international standards treatments. Whether it is an oncology rehabilitation, lymphedema, trauma, orthopedic condition, sports injury, rheumatoid disease, neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction, urinary and fecal incontinence, pre and post-partum rehabilitation, pediatric development delay, neurological disorder or cardio-respiratory condition, the patient’s wellbeing is our priority. All this is set in a friendly and professional environment.

Health, beauty and wellness are three essential elements of a balanced lifestyle. Established in 2013, Dina Barakat Clinic finds its distinction through the medical supervision and prevention. Using noninvasive and state-of-the-art equipment, our body and face treatments include: Pain free laser hair removal, postpartum body reshaping, fat reduction and body firming, body firming and reshaping, collagen activator and anti-wrinkles treatments. A medically supervised and personalized program is set for each client in combination with nutrition and dietetics follow up.

Our message to you

At Dina Barakat Clinic we are committed to achieve the goal of every therapist: Restoring and improving patients’ mobility for an optimal health and physical wellness. Our mission is to deliver excellent care to outpatients, by applying evidence based and high practice standards along with the latest technology. Breast cancer patients in particular find a complete and unique rehabilitation care plan. We take a global approach to evaluate and treat every patient’s impairments, disabilities and handicaps. We commit to provide a comfortable individualized treatment environment and ensure every patient’s privacy. In Addition, the wellness section provides you dietetics and nutrition services and the latest treatments in slimming, body reshaping and toning and cellulite, face rejuvenating and laser hair removal under direct medical supervision.

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